QBell Series 2

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Bigger. Brighter. Bolder.

QBell series 2 is an eye-catching 50% larger, with a bright, brushed aluminium effect beneath our indestructible weatherproof coating.
QBell series 2 can upgrade any home, office, or other important location with our smart doorbell interface. Just pair your QBell code with the companion App to activate it, and it's ready to go - and your visitors don't need an app!

Your QBell unit is rated to adhere to any outdoor surface for many years - and because it requires no further wiring, Wifi, or batteries, you can install it anywhere it's needed.

Your QBell also comes with 2 additional invite slots for housemates, colleagues, or family to that they can also get notifications and respond to visitors.

How it works
  • When your QBell arrives, download the QBell app to activate your code and pair it to your QBell account.
  • Remove the backing from your QBell unit, and stick it to any door, desk, or gate where it is most useful to your visitors.
  • To contact you, visitors scan your code using a smartphone - they don't need an app to use QBell.

  • Install anywhere, with no internet, electricity, or wiring required.
  • Respond to visitors from anywhere, using your smartphone and the QBell app.
  • Reply using quick-replies, or use realtime chat to respond directly.
  • Set delivery preference instructions to be automatically triggered if a delivery driver scans while you are unreachable.
  • Each QBell Series 1 comes with an additional 2 invite slots for your family, housemates or colleagues.

Size Specifications
QBell series 2 is 68.9mm x 100mm
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