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Instant and secure communication powered by QR

Upgrade anywhere with an instant Smart Doorbell

QBell is a Smart Doorbell and Intercom that's powered by QR. It's secure, low-cost, technology thats works anywhere.

  • 🎙ī¸ Intercom

    đŸšĒ Smart Doorbell

    🏡 Homes

    đŸĸ Offices

    🏨 Hotels

    💈 Stores

    🛠ī¸ Tech Support

    🚐 Mobile Homes

    🛎ī¸ Remote Concierge

Seamless & Secure

Answer your door from anywhere

QBell uses bespoke, weatherproof codes that can be added to any location, to provide an instant method for your visitors or customers to securely contact you, without any personal details being exchanged.

10,000+ customers worldwide

10,000+ customers worldwide

A better solution to expensive smart doorbells and intercoms


No Wires or WiFi

QBell requires no outside power source or internet connection to work


Easy Installation

It takes ten seconds to set up and stick your QBell anywhere you need it


Works Anywhere

Use custom messaging and auto-responses to capture new leads

frictionless communication

Technology that works anywhere you need it to

With bespoke QR codes that can be positioned at any location with 0 need for wires or wifi, you can instantly connect with customers and clients.

📞 No Costly Hardware

đŸĒĢ No wiring or power required

🔧 No ongoing maintenance costs

🤙 Works with any smartphone

Messaging features

Everything you need to remain contactable from anywhere

QBell instantly and securelty connects your visitors and customers to you, without any personal details being exchanged.

đŸ’Ŧ Instant messaging

đŸ’Ŧ Instant Messaging

🤖 Preset Instant Replies

🎙ī¸ Voice note exchange

🤖 Preset Instant Replies

🎙ī¸ Voice note exchange

📞 Voice Calls

Coming Soon

📹 Video Calls

Coming Soon

Website example
Website example


❤ī¸ from our customers worldwide

"The most interesting Smart-Product this year...It's safer, smarter, and the most affordable solution around"


Pocket Lint

Leading tech publication

"An amazing solution to the problem of ensuring our guests feel like we are always available to help" ⭐ī¸â­ī¸â­ī¸â­ī¸â­ī¸


Jessica E

Hotel Manager

"Super easy to set up and get started with. We have limited staff, and QBell makes a huge difference to reducing the workload"


William M

UK Founder & CEO


🤔 Got Questions?

What is QBell?

We provide businesses with a simple, secure way of communicating with customers, guests and visitors, using a bespoke QR code and interface. Connect with existing customers, create new leads, or deliver remote customer support instantly by providing customers with a fast and easy way of contacting you. And we do all this in a platform that's simple, affordable, and sustainable!

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Take as long as you need to get your site just right. No trial, no fees, no risk. Only upgrade when you are ready to ship.

Take as long as you need to get your site just right. No trial, no fees, no risk. Only upgrade when you are ready to ship.