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Upgrade any front door with QBell

A Better Solution to Expensive Smart Doorbells

Convenience without breaking the bank? We've got you 😉. Don't waste your money on overpriced (and over complicated) solutions that need wifi and paid subscriptions. We created the lowest cost smart doorbell there is, with no additional monthly costs. 
beautifully simple

Say goodbye to missed deliveries (forever).

Leave private instructions for delivery drivers, or communicate with them instantly, for reliable parcel delivery.

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Answer from anywhere

Answer the door from your phone, from anywhere.

Manage Deliveries

Leave automated delivery instructions for your delivery drivers

Add housemates or collegues

Add other people to your QBell so they can answer the door too
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Upgrade your important locations with QBell

QBell works at any location without needing WIFI or electricity. Install it anywhere, for anyone to get in touch with you instantly.

Join thousands of users worldwide using a sustainable alternative to expensive hardware.
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Your visitors don't need an app!

Anyone with a smartphone can scan your QBell to get in touch with you instantly.

get alerts on your mobile

Get instant alerts on your phone and respond with real-time chat. It's as easy as sending a text!

answer the door without being there.

No wires, no electricity, and no internet required. Convenience and peace of mind without the cost or the hassle.

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Powered by QR codes

We use bespoke weatherproof QR codes to create an interface point for visitors.

QBell pairs a QR code to you phone, that visitors then scan to be instantly connected with you, with no personal data exchanged.

Your private data

We use patent-pending technology to connect your visitors to you in a way that requires no personal info.

Our QBell codes also contain no private information at all.
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Indestructible, designed for any location and any weather.

QBell can upgrade any home, office, or other important location with our smart doorbell interface - and because it requires no further wiring, Wifi, or batteries, you can install it anywhere it's needed.
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Smart Doorbell Technology that's Actually Useful

No more missed deliveries!

We don't think peace of mind should be expensive. QBell instantly provides you with the ability to make sure your deliveries arrive safely with features designed especially for couriers.
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Leave preset delivery  instructions for couriers
No more post-it notes stuck to front doors! Set up your QBell with an auto-response for delivery drivers so if you're out, your driver knows where to safely put your parcel.
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...or chat in real-time
Use a quick reply to say you're on the way, or use chat to quickly and directly respond.

[Coming Soon] securely sign for your parcels using your own handset.

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