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December 15, 2021

BlackStorm Consulting Partners with QBell to Generate Insights on eCommerce & Logistics Trends in Southeast Asia

The survey would involve multiple key stakeholders and would allow for more comprehensive insights regarding consumer behaviour.

With a young population, a growing middle class, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating online consumption and internet growth, a report by Alphabet Inc., Temasek Holdings, and Bain & Company expects Southeast Asia's internet economy to reach US$360 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV) by 2025, and hit US$1 trillion by 2030.

However, Southeast Asia is a diverse landscape which comes with unique challenges for companies looking to enter the eCommerce scene. The diversity in languages, political systems, infrastructure development, and financial systems presents logistical challenges to eCommerce organisations. A survey by Parcel Perform and iPrice Group found that 34% of online consumers in Southeast Asia see parcel delivery as the biggest issue for eCommerce, and 90% of complaints from customers included delays in delivery and a lack of information on the status of their packages.

"With eCommerce opportunities in the region growing, we believe the customer experience is becoming increasingly important to businesses. In fact, according to Bain & Company, 60% of online consumers indicated customer experience as the most valuable for choosing a particular retailer. With last-mile deliveries being an integral part of the customer experience of online shopping, a Capgemini study found that 76% of consumers are happy to pay a premium for faster, more frequent deliveries and a smoother delivery experience. We hope to gather some insights through this study and ultimately benefit key stakeholders such as brands, consumers and logistic players" said Jeslin Bay, Managing Partner at BlackStorm Consulting.

QBell, as a UK-based, fast-growing startup and smart doorbell disruptor, will provide industrial insights to this study.

"We are excited to learn much more about the relationship between evolving customer expectations, and the work that brands are doing to meet them, in this uniquely comprehensive study which will involve contribution from participants at every step of the eCommerce value chain. It's clear that as eCommerce continues to rocket, and online shopping takes on an essential role in people's lives, retailers and their logistic partners will face more pressures to ensure efficient and effective deliveries, with a good delivery experience being essential to customer retention. Southeast Asia is an especially unique region in which we are excited to be working: logistic companies work hard to meet expectations across such variability of landscape and infrastructure, and we look forward to working with them in developing a deeper understanding of the opportunities for innovation" said Daniel Houston, CEO of QBell.

Beyond home delivery, the survey would also generate insights into eCommerce trends, the challenges of home deliver, customer satisfaction levels of the current services, expectations, and more. Customers who are interested in participating can find the survey here. E-commerce brands who would like to participate in a short interview may contact BlackStorm Consulting at

All participants will receive the report earlier than the public as a token of appreciation.

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