Seamless communication for hotels and commercial spaces, without the hardware

Say goodbye to expensive hardware, complicated wired installations, and on-going maintenance.

QBell in situ in a hotel

Streamline Operations

Reduce busy staff workloads and speed up existing workflows

Improve guest experience

Ensure guests know that help is always only a scan away

Increase room earnings

Make ordering service or impulse add-ons as easy as possible

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We help hotels to create happy guests

"QBell is an amazing solution to the problem of ensuring guests feel like we are always available to help - despite pressures on staffing.

PETEr J - Hope Hotels

guest experience for

room service 2.0

Connect guests instantly with the front desk without the need for bedside phones.


With 0 hardware installation, QBell can be scaled rapidly to new sites and new rooms.

Easy communication

Guests connect with a smartphone to chat directly with the desk via text and voice chat.

Web portal


Dedicated web portal to manage messages and requests.

Eliminate missed contact

Companion app for on-shift staff to remain accessible away from the desk.


Our utilisation of web interfaces allows us to bring online new use cases or features rapidly to give you a tailored system that fits into your pre-existing operational structure.


Our patent-pending communications technology meets EU data privacy regulations and requires no personal data for your guests to use.


By removing the requirement for expensive hardware, wiring, and power, QBell is an essential component to ensure you reach your net-zero and offsetting strategy.

Seamless communication, without the expensive hardware

Ten-second installation in any room or location, with no wiring or ongoing maintenance required.


📈 Rally your bottom line

Streamline operations

Use QBell to keep track of maintenance requests or housekeeping visits.

Increase revenue per stay.

Easily upsell guests to additional services, such as room service or hotel facilities, without requiring front desk visits.

Improve guest experience.

Offer an unmatched service to guests: recommendations for local sites of interest, tailored restaurant suggestions, and more.

💭 FAQs

What is QBell?

QBell is a communication system that instantly upgrades any location with an intercom interface through the use of our bespoke, weatherproof QR codes and patent-pending technology.

Our platform is designed to provide businesses, commercial spaces, and hotels with an affordable, scalable, and sustainable way to improve communication and engagement with their guests.

With QBell, there's no need for local internet connection or wired installation. Guests can use their smartphones to scan a QBell code to connect with a resident or owner, without requiring any additional apps.

How does QBell work?

QBell simplifies communication by replacing traditional hardware with a bespoke QR code that can be placed in any location where it's important for guests or customers to reach you. The system is made up of three simple components: 

1. Our bespoke QBell codes
2. The QBell app for managing communication
3. A user-friendly visitor interface

With the QBell app, you can activate your codes and manage colleagues who can also use the QBell. When a guest or customer scans your QBell code, you will receive notifications, and chat through the QBell app.

The visitor interface, which is browser-based, does not require any additional app for your guests or customers to use, allowing for seamless communication and engagement.

What sort of businesses is QBell good for?

QBell is a versatile communication platform that can be used by a wide range of businesses, commercial spaces, and hotels. It is particularly well-suited for small businesses, commercial spaces, and hotels that are looking to increase guest engagement, streamline operations, and improve communication.

QBell's ease of use, scalability, and sustainable approach makes it a perfect fit for any location where a Smart Doorbell interface is required. Some examples of businesses using QBell include: shared office spaces, storefronts, restaurants, taxi companies, and hotels.

How can I get QBell?

There are two ways to get QBell for your business or property. If you have a small business or just one location, you can purchase a single QBell for a one-time cost of £12.99 on our online store by clicking the "Try QBell" link on our at the top of the page.

For hotels and commercial spaces that require multiple QBells, we offer a low monthly subscription option. To get started, contact us and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs. Please check out our pricing page for more information.

How do I contact QBell?

You can use the contact form on the website, or alternatively, you can reach us by email here: for support issues. for business inquiries.