6 creative ways we've seen QBell used so far

6 creative ways we've seen QBell used so far

Mar 16, 2023

QBell is not just your average doorbell and intercom system. It's a smart and innovative solution that uses QR codes to provide instant communication with visitors and guests. While QBell is commonly used for homes and businesses, it has become clear that it has many more exciting and useful applications.

One of the most convenient ways to use QBell is on delivery boxes. With the surge of online shopping, delivery boxes have become a common sight outside homes and apartments. By placing QBell on delivery boxes, delivery personnel can contact the residents instantly, eliminating the need to wait for someone to answer the door or leave a note. This feature is especially useful for apartment complexes or gated communities.

QBell can also be used in co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are a growing trend, and QBell can be used in shared spaces to allow visitors to contact the occupants of individual offices or workspaces. This feature is especially useful in larger co-working spaces where visitors may have difficulty locating the correct office or workspace. With QBell, visitors can easily connect with the right person and avoid any confusion or delays.

Events can also benefit from QBell's innovative technology. QBell can be used at events to allow guests to connect with the event organizers or staff. This feature is especially useful for larger events where guests may have difficulty finding their way around or locating the appropriate staff members. By placing QBell stations strategically around the event, guests can instantly contact the event organizers or staff for any help they may need.

But QBell's uses don't stop there. It can also be used on remote equipment and machinery. One engineering firm we work with has placed QBell on remote equipment to troubleshoot or provide technical support in an instant. This saves time and money by avoiding the need for on-site visits.

Another interesting way we've seen QBell be used is in the boiler repair business. One UK company we know uses QBell on each boiler they repair. By placing a QR code on the boiler, they can capture future business by providing instant access to their contact information. This is a clever way to use QBell to generate leads and build long-term relationships with customers.

Finally, hotels are using QBell in guest rooms to allow guests to talk with the front desk. One partner hotel saw a 30% increase in upsell revenue by allowing guests to order room service through QBell. This is a great example of how QBell can enhance the guest experience and increase revenue for businesses.

QBell is a versatile and innovative system that can be used in a variety of interesting and creative ways. From delivery boxes to co-working spaces, events, schools, universities, and restaurants, QBell is changing the way we communicate with our visitors and guests. With its QR code technology, QBell is easy to set up and use and can be installed in virtually any location.

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