hardware free communication for guests and hotel staff

Slash operational costs, ditch expensive hardware, and seamlessly create instant communication between guests and staff, at any location.

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Used by 20,000+ businesses and consumers worldwide

Save countless concierge and operational hours

Instant wire-free installation with zero maintenance costs

The difference is in your bottom line

Guest Communication, Powered by QR Codes

QBell uses durable, bespoke QR codes that can be added to guest rooms or apartments for guests to instantly connect to hotel staff.

Get realtime notifications, and message directly from your handset, without the exchange of any personal information.

Operational Efficiency

Staff remain fully contactable, even when not at the front desk.

Happy Guests, Always

Reduce missed-communication with logged messages and guest request workflows.


The benefits of being hardware free



With minimal hardware costs for bespoke QBell codes alongside zero installation costs, QBell can be rapidly scaled to multiple rooms or sites.



By connecting to a bespoke web interface, QBell can be adapted far beyond guest communications, and help with operations and upsells.



Our patent-pending technology is secure and facilitates realtime communication without requiring any personal



By removing bulky hardware, and the need for ongoing power and maintenance, QBell can help to meet net-zero goals.

effortless communication

reach your customers and guests from any location

QBell QR codes are adaptable to any environment, and can upgrade any location with a communication interface in an instant.


No expensive hardware

QBell codes have a lifetime cost that is a fraction of traditional hardware models.


No wires or wifi required

QBell codes require no external power source or WiFi connection


No ongoing maintenance

Zero ongoing maintenance effort or costs involved with keeping QBell codes active



With 5 stars reviews in every continent, from both consumers and businesses.


Quote marks

I love that this is an uncomplicated solution. It’s probably the best thing I’ve bought this year. I don’t really like the idea of video doorbells and the issues that come with them. This is a stick and scan solution that lets me catch visitors when I’m out and about.

Terry J

Verified Buyer

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I set this up in my shop so if I am out the back customers can let me know they have arrived, and setting up instant messages so potential customers coming by can scan and get rates is a life saver. Really cool gadget to have in my shop and makes my business look class

Terry L

Business owner

Quote marks

QBell is a simple and easy solution to the problem of not knowing who’s at the door, not hearing the door, or not being able to get to the door in time

Independent Living

A UK leading advice service

Quote marks

I was not 100% sure about QBell at first, a lot of products have gone viral due to good marketing and it can be hard to see if quality matches. QBell customer service were very responsive and since using the product I can see its the real deal. A lot of thought has gone into the product design process and the app is free.

Charles B

Verified Buyer

Quote marks

So easy to set up and i have had so many people scanning it since i installed it. Im pretty lazy when I'm working so its nice to get the postman what to do from my desk. Save me having to lock the dog up while i get the delivery and he's barking his head off

William M

Founder and CEO

Quote marks

It’s safer, smarter, and sure to be the most affordable smart doorbell solution around.


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💭 FAQs

What is QBell?

QBell is a communication system that instantly upgrades any location with an intercom interface through the use of our bespoke, weatherproof QR codes and patent-pending technology.

Our platform is designed to provide businesses, commercial spaces, and hotels with an affordable, scalable, and sustainable way to improve communication and engagement with their guests.

With QBell, there's no need for local internet connection or wired installation. Guests can use their smartphones to scan a QBell code to connect with a resident or owner, without requiring any additional apps.

How does QBell work?

QBell simplifies communication by replacing traditional hardware with a bespoke QR code that can be placed in any location where it's important for guests or customers to reach you. The system is made up of three simple components: 

1. Our bespoke QBell codes
2. The QBell app for managing communication
3. A user-friendly visitor interface

With the QBell app, you can activate your codes and manage colleagues who can also use the QBell. When a guest or customer scans your QBell code, you will receive notifications, and chat through the QBell app.

The visitor interface, which is browser-based, does not require any additional app for your guests or customers to use, allowing for seamless communication and engagement.

What sort of businesses is QBell good for?

QBell is a versatile communication platform that can be used by a wide range of businesses, commercial spaces, and hotels. It is particularly well-suited for small businesses, commercial spaces, and hotels that are looking to increase guest engagement, streamline operations, and improve communication.

QBell's ease of use, scalability, and sustainable approach makes it a perfect fit for any location where a Smart Doorbell interface is required. Some examples of businesses using QBell include: shared office spaces, storefronts, restaurants, taxi companies, and hotels.

How can I get QBell?

There are two ways to get QBell for your business or property. If you have a small business or just one location, you can purchase a single QBell for a one-time cost of £12.99 on our online store by clicking the "Try QBell" link on our at the top of the page.

For hotels and commercial spaces that require multiple QBells, we offer a low monthly subscription option. To get started, contact us and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs. Please check out our pricing page for more information.

How do I contact QBell?

You can use the contact form on the website, or alternatively, you can reach us by email here:

support@QBell.io for support issues.

business@QBell.io for business inquiries.