Stay connected to your business or home, no matter where you are, with instant communication straight to your phone. Our simple and innovative QR code technology makes it easy to stay in touch, providing the simplest and most convenient way to communicate. Upgrade to QBell today and experience the future of home and business communication.

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Used by 20,000+ businesses and consumers worldwide

Uncomplicated tech with no wires or wifi needed

10 second installation, simply stick and scan

"The most interesting smart-home product this year"

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upgrade any location

A Smart Doorbell, powered by qr codes

QBell uses durable, metallic, bespoke QR codes that can be added to any location - front doors, offices, businesses - for visitors to scan to instantly get in touch with you.

QBell delivers realtime notifications of your phone, without giving visitors any access to your personal info

No wires or WiFi

No installation, wiring, or wifi required to set up

Install Anywhere

Weatherproof units suitable for indoor and outdoor locations

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Communicate instantly with your visitors, from any location

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Instant Chat

Securely chat in realtime with visitors or delivery drivers from anywhere using just your handset

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Household Chat

Add housemates, family or staff to ensure everyone gets notifications and can respond to visitors

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Preset delivery instructions

Toggle automatic responses for visitors or delivery drivers while you're away

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Voice notes


Exchange voice notes in realtime, or use visitor voicemail to listen to voice notes left by missed visitors

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Video calls


Connect instantly with your visitors in an intercom video chat, all without requiring any telephone number or personal info



With 5 stars reviews in every continent, from both consumers and businesses.

Five star review stars
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I love that this is an uncomplicated solution. It’s probably the best thing I’ve bought this year. I don’t really like the idea of video doorbells and the issues that come with them. This is a stick and scan solution that lets me catch visitors when I’m out and about.

Terry J

Verified Buyer

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I set this up in my shop so if I am out the back customers can let me know they have arrived, and setting up instant messages so potential customers coming by can scan and get rates is a life saver. Really cool gadget to have in my shop and makes my business look class

Terry L

Business owner

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QBell is a simple and easy solution to the problem of not knowing who’s at the door, not hearing the door, or not being able to get to the door in time

Independent Living

A UK leading advice service

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I was not 100% sure about QBell at first, a lot of products have gone viral due to good marketing and it can be hard to see if quality matches. QBell customer service were very responsive and since using the product I can see its the real deal. A lot of thought has gone into the product design process and the app is free.

Charles B

Verified Buyer

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So easy to set up and i have had so many people scanning it since i installed it. Im pretty lazy when I'm working so its nice to get the postman what to do from my desk. Save me having to lock the dog up while i get the delivery and he's barking his head off

William M

Founder and CEO

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It’s safer, smarter, and sure to be the most affordable smart doorbell solution around.


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What is QBell?

QBell is a Smart-Doorbell system, that uses QR codes in place of traditional, expensive hardware that requires wired installation and a broadband internet connection.

Because we use these weatherproof, durable codes, you can install a QBell code absolutely anywhere, to instantly upgrade that location with a method for visitors to get in touch with you, wherever you are. To use your QBell to contact you, your visitors simply scan the code using a smartphone - they don't need an app to use QBell! 

Can more than one person be connected to the same QBell?

Yes! You can add additional people - like housemates, family, or colleagues - to your QBell, so that they can also reactive notifications and respond to visitors.

Where there is more than one person connected to a QBell, everyone gets notifications, and visitor chat takes place in a group-chat with everyone that has been added to that QBell.

Do my visitors need an app to use my QBell?

No! We have designed QBell to be compatible with any smartphone that can read QR codes. Your visitors don't need to download anything at all to get in touch with you using your QBell. They just need to scan your code with their phone.

Can I use QBell for my business?

Absolutely! Because QBell can be installed anywhere, it is useful for locations where traditional Smart Doorbells or intercoms aren't feasible, like offices, shared spaces, nurseries, building sites, campuses or retail locations.

For bespoke pricing, or for more information regarding QBell for business, reach out to us at

Is QBell available for retail?

We are happy to discuss retail, wholesale or other partnerships. Drop us a message at

How do I contact QBell?

For support or questions, you can contact us using the chat pop-up below, or via email at

For business inquiries, please reach us at