Tired of missing deliveries?

Chat to your visitors real-time from anywhere at anytime

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Patent-pending Technology

Now that's smart.

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Instant notifications when you have a visitor, connecting you via 2 way messaging through your QBell app.
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We use patent-pending technology to create a secure connection between you and your visitors, allowing you to be in control of how you answer the door remotely.
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QBell is designed to be compatible with any smartphone, so your visitors don't need an app to get in touch with you.

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Group notifications

Connect everyone in the home to QBell and guarantee someone will always answer, and use group chat to stay in the loop.
Patent-pending Technology

Now that's smart.

Your Visitor History
Saved in one place. See your missed visitors at a glance, and read messages left
Instant Visitor Alerts
Get an instant notification whenever your QBell is scanned by a delivery driver or visitor
Use a Quick-Reply to send an instant "I'll be right down" or "I'm unavailable" message.
Chat in Real-Time
Communicate securely using realtime 2-way messaging, without a visitor's app
Household Notifications
Add housemates or family so anyone can answer the door using household group-chat
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Never Miss a Delivery Again

Imagine if you could talk to visitors at your front door no matter where you are, even if they don't have an app or don't know how to use one? That's what QBell does, and it's never been easier to use.

Simply download the app, attach the unit to your front door, and let QBell do all of the work.


It's Free

We've replaced expensive hardware with our bespoke, weatherproof QR code doorbell units, which are paired to your smartphone.

Activate a free trial of QBell premium, and we'll send you a QBell in the post for free.

QBell iOS Download ButtonQBell iOS Download Button
Patent-pending Technology

Now that's smart.

Get instant notifications when visitors scan your QBell.
Real-time Chat
Communicate to your visitors using secure two-way messaging.
No Visitor App
Best part of all? Your visitors do not need an app to use QBell!
Quick Replies
Respond to visitors instantly using quick-replies.
Group Chat Features
Add users to your QBell creating a household group so that when visitors try to contact you, you all get notified at the same time.

Simple Monthly & Yearly pricing

All subscriptions come with a one month free trial and a QBell unit delivered in the post for free.


Premium Monthly

Monthly subscription to QBell premium

One month free trial
Unlimited free QBells
Multiple QBell users
Two way visitor messaging
Group chat features
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QBell Basic

At the end of a free trial, try out QBell basic, free forever

Month free Premium trial
Free QBell unit
One QBell per user
One user per QBell
Quick Replies
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Try out QBell today

Download the QBell app to activate a  trial and order your first free QBell.

QBell iOS Download ButtonQBell iOS Download Button
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Plus, the first 5000 to register will be invited to customise their own unique QBell.

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