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Powerful Features

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Install anywhere

QBell can be installed at any location and requires no WiFi or electricity.
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Answer anywhere

Answer the door without being there, using quick-replies or realtime chat.
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Powered by QR codes

We use bespoke weatherproof QR codes to create an interface point for visitors.

Your visitors scan your code to be instantly connected with you, with no personal data exchanged.

When you activate a free trial, we'll send you a QBell code in the post for free.

Your private data

We use patent-pending technology to connect your visitors to you in a way that requires no personal info.

Our QBell codes also contain no private information at all.
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A Smart Doorbell like no other

QBell pairs a QR code to you phone, that visitors then scan to securely get in touch with you.
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Getting started with QBell

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Advanced Technology

Real-time household notifications and chat

Advanced features for premium QBell users include multiple QBell locations and household group-chat
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Advanced Communication
Real-time, private two-way messaging with visitors
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Multi-user support
Add family or housemates to also receive notifications - with a group chat that's visible to everyone in the household.
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